Dana Vespoli is what you call a perfect MILF

Born in September 1972, in Oregon USA, Dana Vespoli is what you call a perfect milf. She is a flaming brunette porn model and film director with high experience and plenty of years in creating porn. Among the most appreciated sex models in USA and one of the best in the world, Dana is still active and fully present in many of the new xxx releases out there.

Very beautiful and hot, she appears to be enjoying every minute of her work, that’s why each of her premium porn videos are highly appreciated and awarded.

Back when she was young, she finished the Mills college, an art school which developed her sense of beauty and innocent things. She then started to pose for the cam and little by little, after some time in which she experienced the fascinating world of xxx, she decides that she wants to become a pornstar.

Now, after more than 25 years since she started her soloporn career, Dana is still among the best and most wanted in the online community. There are thousands of high rated videos and movies with her as the main character and also tons of free pics with her gorgeous body. in fact, there are more than one million content sources which provide access to Dana Vespoli. that’s the perfect example of how famous and most rated she is.

With such a beautiful body and such a gorgeous attitude, it’s hard not to become popular and loved by the fans. She knows how to tease and also knows what to provide when in front of the cam. For example, Dana always starts her mind blowing porn shows with some naughty talk and long foreplay scenes. Her style is meant to keep men aroused and eager for what’s to come. Many of the videos in which this brunette milf appears are about hardcore sex or naughty experiences in the back door. She recently stated that hardcore sex is the real sex and all other kinky niches of porn are just boring for her. She also stated that having sex in the ass is what keeps her horny in all videos. So many inches of cocks have pumped her pussy in so many shows that Dana is now attracted only to anal.


Her recent shows are stashed with anal scenes in hardcore despite her older, from the beginning, videos where she was interested only in cracking her pussy and mouth. Time passed and Vespoli became experienced, used with the harsh action on the set and with the big dicks. The directors always wanted her to appear next to a big dick so she can’t say for sure,  how it feels with a smaller one as she only receives large dicks.

Either way, Dana Vespoli is among the best pornstars still available and she will remain that way even after she will retire. This milf deserves all the attention because she knows stuff no other porn girls knows. She can handle any situation and can easily arouse men with her beauty and perfect forms.

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